Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh my!

This has been the time for disease! I have had Bronchitis and the flu and the flu and Bronchitis... so I've been laying around getting nothing done!!

I did manage to sew two new little creatures though...

First up is my Bunny, who doesn't have his tail yet because I can't find my white fur!
He's pretty cute though... although I think if I made another one I'd modify the pattern a little... I made him in the depth of my sickness though, so I accidentally sewed one of his arms on the wrong way. Go me!

Next is a bear I imagine eventually having a ten gallon hat and some pistols strapped around his waste... he just looks to me like he's ready to have a shoot-out at high-noon! (I think I might yet make his eyebrows bushier, but I'm not sure)


  1. that hamster keeps stareing at me ! x x x

  2. You know, bet these buns would really drink honey with lemon x x x x get well soon x

  3. Feeeeed him... feeeeeeed the hamster!

  4. Too cute!:) I love the mustache on the gun slinger fellow!