Thursday, February 11, 2010

Secret Admirerer...

FIRST! In honor of the blizzard that has so many of us buried under snow... I saw this idea on Peng Peng's blog and thought it was a GREAT idea... snow monsters! (What do you do? Take a picture of outside your house... then turn those looming white shapes into creatures!)

THEN this morning when I got to work I found this:

No note, no clues... nothing. It's awfully cute though... and I've never gotten Valentines related plants before... so I think I'll keep it around... plus I always wanted to get a bamboo plant for my desk :)

Speaking of my desk.... here is a little more of the madness that lies within:

The green blobby thing is a Butt Freckle. Yeah... you heard me... I stumbled across them on Etsy and their little staring eyes entranced me.


  1. Ahahah Snow monster!!
    I love secret admirer the last was.....My husband before the marriage ! LoL ^_^

  2. Love the snow monster an dbutt freckly photos LOL. Oh, and how exciting and romantic to have a secret admirer !!!

    Hugs, Tammy