Monday, June 28, 2010


Handcrafted Teddy Bears by Michelle is having a giveaway... I just learned about this site from another bear maker's site who posted about the giveaway, so how could I not share?! I swear I am learning about more and more bear blogs this way!!!

Click the Pic to go to the giveaway!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mad Tea Party!

(Sorry it's a day early... but I'll be at a wedding all day tomorrow!!)

Poor Alice... just her and her kitten... such a lonely tea party!

Yet another amazing giveaway!

I love reading Kelly's blog... and now she's having a fantastic giveaway!

Click the picture, or the link in my sidebar, to go visit the giveaway page and sign yourself up!

(ps, isn't this giveaway button so cute?!?!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A fantastic artist having a fantastic giveaway!!

Kim-Anh Nguyen is having a give-away... and even if you don't want to enter, you should go check out her work, it's fun stuff :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh my... where DO I create?

My computer went in for revamping on Thursday and didn't come back until today... so my post about where I create is late... but better late than never!

Sorry for the pics... they're from my cell phone since my personal camera is still out of commission.

First up on the tour is a vase of antique beads I got from a store that was closing in our Old Town district. This is one of my most precious finds and I can't bring myself to use them in projects!!!

For Christmas my parents got me a spool stand, and my Mom gave me a bunch of antique spools, and my sister gave me a bunch of brand new ones :)

Here is a snippet of the shelves where I keep my fabric, those two hat boxes contain cut out patterns or scraps I can't bear to throw away!

This is the best thing ever, little buckets that hang from a rack... I got it from Ikea (super cheap, 1.99 for the rod, .99 per bucket) and they hold my pens and pencils.

Here is a snippet from my bulletin board, with a saying that is true and photographs I've used for reference on other projects.

Sorry for the lateness and sorry my studio isn't too interesting, but thanks for visiting!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A night for secret dreams...

Kelly over at A Stuffed Life is hosting a MidSummer Night's Blog Party where you release your secret dreams into the world... click on the picture below to find out more and take part!

Also... I started Weight Watchers today. I have my points for the day planned out perfectly, and I will go buy a scale tonight at target.

After my last weigh in at the doctor though, something had to be done. This is just shameful.